Life at Fntastic – Was this The Day Before Developer Video we’ve all been waiting for?

The Developer Fntastic has been hyping up The Day Before community over the last few weeks with their promises of an Announcement Life at Fntastic and a Huge Premiere.

The Day Before released the highly anticipated video today “Life at Fntastic” showing off the studio’s everyday life and development process.

Taking a look at the YouTube chat during the premiere of the video, it looks like fans of The Day Before were hoping for a bit more gameplay. As well as just more information about the game. It has been confirmed to still be releasing on 1st March 2023. We’re going to break down the gameplay from the video for you in this article.

Character Creation

The video Life at Fntastic was 5:00 exactly and had around 30 seconds of new footage of the game. We got our first look into the character creation screen. The UI in the game does look very minimalistic and the character creation seems to follow suit.

The Day Before Character Creation
The Day Before Character Creation


Compared to many character creation tools in games of 2022 and 2023 The Day Befores Character Creation tool looks very basic. However, this isn’t a huge part of many FPS games so I think we can let this one slide!

We’re shown an extremely quick look into the Capabilities which we are going to assume are your skills. This is one way you will be able to customise your character in The Day Before. In the top left of the screenshot you can see the “skill points”. We assume you will be able to acquire these via some sort of quest or skill based gameplay.

The Day Before Skills and Capabilities

Gun Modifications

The next clip we get to see our first look at the Gun Modifications and get little look into how this will work. Again we are met with a very simple UI but it does look clean and user friendly. This video is slightly longer showing us a range of the gun modifications in The Day Before. It looks like we will be able to upgrade the Muzzle, Sight, Magazine, Grip and Butt. Of course, this may change depending on the gun.

This screen does give us some more information thought. The guns will receive damage and require repairs. This gun weight is “2” and the size is “2”. In total this character has “3” weight and has “18/36” in his inventory (we assume this is the inventory)

Finally we get to meet the NPC that will be supplying the players with guns and ammunition, The Gunsmith. Nothing else is really being given away here but we can assume there will be other NPC’s for players to interact with.

Life at Fntastic

All in all, the video did what it said on the tin. It gave us an insight into the Developers Life at Fntastic. However something defiantly doesn’t feel right with the whole situation. We can only hope that Fntastic will step up the marketing over the next few weeks to give us players more insight into what the game holds.

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