The Day Before is Removed from Steam

Just when we were excited to receive the RAW Gameplay footage promised to us by Fntastic. The Day Before is Removed from Steam. We’re going to talk about what’s happened.

The Day Before is Removed from Steam

It has been brought to attention that the second most requested game on Steam, The Day Before, has been removed from the platform. Recently, the developer, Fntastic, had announced that raw gameplay for the game would be released prior to the end of January, in an effort to provide an uncut preview of the game four weeks prior to its official release. However, the sudden removal of the game from Steam has raised concerns and it may be perceived as a red flag by those who have been following its development.

The Day Before is Removed from Steam – Developer’s Respond: This is why The Day Before should have been removed from the store

Is this a mistake? No, The Day Before is actually gone from the store counter. The Google listing for the survival game’s store entry leads to the Steam home page. Also, The Day Before has disappeared from all wishlists. In just a few days, the first real gameplay ever should appear. The community lead for The Day Before responded:

We are currently experiencing minor technical difficulty with our game’s visibility on the Steam store page. This is a known bug and has affected multiple of our titles in the past. Please note that Steam always conducts maintenance on Tuesdays and the issue will likely be resolved during this time.

The Day Before is Removed from Steam

If this was true, The Day Before should reappear on Steam soon. Since we posted this update, The Day Before has been delayed.

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